Style Inspiration & Idea’s – Go Bold!

Bold interiors can be the best thing you do to your home. Bold colours, decor and accessories can bring vibrancy, personality and happiness into your home.  Although bold interiors may not suit everyone’s taste, going bold doesn’t mean you have to go all out, even something small like a special decor piece. Colour is often the…

Linen Bedding: Product Finds

Linen bedding is really taking off as a trend.  It is a great material that is super breathable, hypo allergenic and environmentally friendly.  It will keep you cool on hot summer nights and warm during cold ones. Linen is a lot more durable than most fabrics so it will last a lot longer. Although a…

Trend to Watch: Linen Bedding

Link: Trend to Watch: Linen Bedding Linen bedding has been popping up everywhere recently.  It is a highly breathable fabric making it perfect for summer to keep you cool and cozy for winter. Durable, hypo allergenic and environmentally friendly, you just can’t go wrong.  

What’s New

    These customizable wall decals are from Your Decal Shop.  They are perfect for a little girls room and you can add up to 4 words in them. These have been popping up a lot recently.  They are great for summer to have outside at a BBQ or at the beach or even just…

Style Inspiration & Idea’s – Scandinavian

Scandinavian style has a certain charm and simplicity about it that you can’t help falling in love with.  The gorgeous neutral colours and extensive use of wood makes the space feel calming and comfortable. The main colours used in Scandinavian design are neutrals such as Beige’s, Grey’s and of course White.  It is now becoming […]

20 Must-See Interiors From Around The World

Link: 20 Must-See Interiors From Around The World From minimalist to extravagantly styled, these interiors have been picked as the must-see interiors from around the world.

Style Inspiration & Idea’s – Black & White

Classic, sophisticated, sleek and timeless are just a few words that could be used to explain a black and white interior.   Features: Stripes Stripes are very classic black and white.  Bold horizontal stripes can add impact to a space without making it overly eye catching and intense.     Graphic Patterns and Designs Adding…


Baskets are a fantastic storage option.  They are great for storing basically everything from extra blankets to kids toys.  They come in all different shapes, sizes and styles.  There is something out there that will suit every space and location. Below are just a few of the many, many options available:

Room Reveal Summer Slumber

Alex & Corban create gorgeous room reveals where you can buy the entire package or choose bits and pieces that appeal to you.  Their latest room, Summer Slumber, is a peaceful and perfectly colour styled bedroom. The earthy colour tones have created a peaceful and natural feeling. My favourite piece in the room is the Shelter…

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  These flutes are just gorgeous! They would elegance and sophistication to a table.   Get sorted for 2017 with this awesome A1 Calendar.  There is plenty of room to write a note on a date as well as an extra section for notes.