Kid’s Dinosaur Room

Photo Source: Onyapan Home Designs

Whether you choose to use cartoon or real(ish) dinosaurs, this theme is great for kids of all ages.  You can make it as full on or as simple as you like.


Product Idea’s:
Dinosaur Jar from Collected Small $23.00, Medium $24.00, Large $32.00

These great jars come in a range of colours; Black, White, Grey, Light Grey, Blue and Dark Grey.  They are perfect for storing a child’s bits and pieces, and keepsakes.


How To Be A Dinosaur Hunter from Collected $30.00
Seedling Ready To Grow Dino Egg from Collected $12.00

These “grow your own” Dino’s, etc are always a hit with kids of any age. These ones are also great as they grow and hatch within 48 hours so kids don’t have to wait “forever” as it might seem to them.

L&G Doris Dino from ShutTheFrontDoor $34.99

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  1. These are so cute! My boys have a dino room. One is 1 and the other 5 so I incorporated both baby dinos and real dinos.


    1. SavvyStyling says:

      Cute!! Kids themed rooms are just awesome 🙂


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